The Wait is Over!

The Wait is Over!

Greetings Nood fam! I guess we should start by addressing the elephant in the room…


We are thrilled to announce this monumental moment we have all been waiting for. Whether you’re brand new to the project or a loyal member of the #NoodFam, the following information will be helpful as you traverse the groundbreaking digital social space that is The Playground.

What is The Playground?

The Playground is Human Park’s first dynamic social space with different zones to explore. Experience brands and their influence in the Park, take part in unforgettable events, and of course, chat with your fellow humans.


Make Web3 a reality in Human Park by taking your NFT and making it run. Play a game of tag, infection, or shootout with other NFT Avatars rendered in a true 3D virtual environment.

Infection Mini Game


Show off your identity with skins and cosmetics you’ve cultivated from your Human Park Inventory! Your collection doesn’t need to sit inside of a website anymore. This is the utility you’ve been looking for and the ability to take what you own and show it off in style.

Customize your avatar from your Human Park NFT collection.


Now with an expanded map, The Playground is a truly immersive space with several new and robust areas to explore. Check out the goods displayed at the Central Market or drop down into the Under Alley to see the more gritty side of Human Park.

The ominous entrance to the Under Alley. Enter if you dare. 

What exactly does “open” mean for The Playground?

The Playground is open 24/7, indefinitely. This means no more worrying about joining during  specific timeframes. Night owls, early birds, and everyone in between can come and go as they please. Have a morning dance session with friends as you gear up for the day, or wind down for the evening with a round of tag.

Tag with friends!

Who can access The Playground?

The Playground features open access for all. It is free for the public to download and play via PC; No NFT ownership required! We believe access to Web3 experiences should be available to anyone curious enough to enter. Why gatekeep the future of entertainment?

What else is new in The Playground?

Aside from the expanded map and minigames, we’ve made some updates to the place. This includes an enhanced player locomotion system; You can now climb, slide, and PARKOUR!


We’ve also added more minigames, teleportation stations, elevators, interactive audio, and more. And for all you technical Noods out there, check out the footnotes for the nitty gritty game updates.

We can hardly wait to hang out with you all in The Playground. Stay tuned for details on events, parties, giveaways, and more!

Learn more about the The Playground 👉🏼

Don't forget Human Park is FREE to download and play 👉🏼

December 2022 Release Notes


  • Enhanced player locomotion system, including climbing, slides and parkour
  • All new expansion to the space with a larger communal space to explore
  • Minigames - Play tag, Infection, shootout or mini hunt
  • Customization stations for convenience
  • Teleportation stations for easy movement around the space
  • Elevators
  • Interaction audio for stations
  • Tab Menu - View chat log and Player list
  • Location names and player markers


  • Ambient Audio updates
  • Graphics quality settings adjusted to better improve fidelity and performance on a variety of specifications
  • Changed default graphics quality to MediumFixed:


  • Using Esc key inside configurator and Inventory will return to main menu
  • Inventory not loading correctly
  • Minor Bug fixes