We’re Here for a Good Time AND a Long Time

We’re Here for a Good Time AND a Long Time

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With The Playground coming into fruition, now is the perfect time to uncover how the team truly feels about the Human Park project and the Web3 industry as a whole. On behalf of the Human Park team, we know and love our community, so we feel it’s only fair to let you in on who we really are. Join us as we explore the minds behind Human Park, but beware, this might get a little personal.


“In six months we’ve been able to turn out a social multiplayer experience for our users. That is quite a quick turn around for a multiplayer experience.” - Matt Jones

If there’s one thing that sets Human Park apart from other NFT projects, it's that we deliver on our promises. Our social space platform, “The Playground”, was developed and brought to users within six months. As our lead programmer, Matthew Jones, put it, that is quite a quick turnaround for a multiplayer experience. As gamers and Web3 enthusiasts ourselves, we have experienced, firsthand, the highest and lowest points of games and projects.

We are keenly aware of the (understandable) stigma that exists in this space, and take pride in our ability to stand out and separate ourselves from other projects in a positive way. Our entire team from game designers, devs, to marketing all share the common desire to set ourselves apart as true gamer advocates. This passion is what drives us to make impactful changes and advancements in the world of blockchain games.

✨Human Park is free and open for everyone to enjoy✨

User customized NFT Avatars✨

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again- we’re all about self-expression and community. But perhaps you don’t fully comprehend just how much of an impact you have on the future of Human Park. The communities’ creative thoughts are never overlooked. In fact, we tend to use your feedback as the foundation for what we plan to build in the future. So, believe us when we say it's what fuels us.

“We are pioneers in a lot of parts of the space. When you look at these other Web3 projects, they're working with a great story… but their scope is not as wide as ours” - Brian York

3D Artist Daniel Zhao working on the Wayfinder design

Human Park’s artists and developers deserve all the credit for creating the game from the ground up. Unlike other projects, every NFT, space, and live gameplay in the Park has been crafted in-house. We don’t use marketplace assets and claim them as our own creations. We are building strategically to leave room to explore. The progression of Human Park will never end with just one design style, narrative theme, or type of gameplay. Our scope and insanely talented team open the doors to unlimited potential.

“The reason I pushed myself to get into this industry is because it’s adapt or die. This is what's going to happen.” - Amber McGurer

As Amber implied - get in or get left behind. Human Park is here, and we’re here to stay. We’re building the technology others are afraid to touch. We have a real product - and we’ve been able to show that to you. What we’re trying to say is; you won't find any fake hype here.

Phew! Now that we’ve gotten that off our chests… we’ll see you in the Park, Noods.
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