Damn it Feels Good to be Original

The Originals are sold out, so what’s next for Human Park?

Damn it Feels Good to be Original

The Originals are sold out, so what’s next for Human Park?

Thank you to our incredibly creative community!

We have been absolutely floored by what you have all created since we launched. Now that the Human Park Genesis Originals creation window has closed, we want to congratulate everyone who created their very own Original Nood and was able to express themselves in the Park. So what’s next for our future Noods? The Park reopens today for everyone! Everyone can join and begin to customize the Fungibles. A non-NFT Nood that users will be able to convert into a Nood NFT at a later date.

A Park Full of Originals

During our alpha launch, we saw over 20,000 unique wallets who validated and connected to Human Park. When decked out with tattoos, no two Noods are alike, some people spent days perfecting their look and others went with tattoo-less figures.

This event was the first and last time users could get their hands on an Original Nood. So what is an Original Nood?

The Originals are the genesis collection of Human Park. The most exclusive and limited collection of Noods to exist.

As we build out the Park, Originals will have access to exclusive utility and be given more opportunities to shape Human Park as it grows and expands. We will be sharing a dedicated post on this soon.

Meet the Fungibles!

Originals are the first Noods into the Park but certainly not the last!

Introducing the Fungibles, the community now has the opportunity to customize and save their fleshly designed Noods waiting for the next chance to enter the Park.

Whether you’re new to Human Park or you already have an Original Nood and have more ideas you’d like to try out, you’ll have the chance to make multiple Fungibles and save them to your inventory to access later. Your inventory will be a place to keep track of your Noods and name them for later.

Fungibles are not NFTs, yet. You will have the opportunity in the future to turn your Fungible Nood into a fully customized Nood NFT. Some of what you have to look forward to are community events, giveaways, and competition; a multitude of chances to enter the Park with your Fungible.

Verified Partners!

We have a lot we’re looking forward to showing you, our first Verified Partner Māui Studios is already making waves in the community as more Noods take on their amazing Tattoos, read more here. On that note, we are excited to announce Tukoi as our upcoming Verified Partner, check out Tukoi and her groundbreaking tattoo designs here. Together we’re breaking the barriers and bringing real life tattoos as a form of self-expression into the metaverse.

This is an exciting time for us here at Human Park; not only have we seen extreme interest in what you all can create, but also huge support from those who want nothing more than to take their self-expression to the next level.

Thank you Noods!


The Park Staff