Everything Starts at Zero

Welcome to Season Zero — the first of many themed seasonal events in Human Park!

Everything Starts at Zero

Welcome to Season Zero — the first of many themed seasonal events in Human Park!

The time has come to fight for your identity. What was once a cold war to discourage people’s freedom of expression has now erupted into an open conflict, with enforcers wreaking havoc on anyone whose identity has yet to be compromised, commoditized, and wasted. Anyone with the will to push back has since become a drifter — individually unique in every way except for their collective will to fight. And at last, you may have your chance.

So far we’ve seen the mysterious Obelisks distributed and the characters of Season Zero mixing and matching across Human Park’s social channels. Every season will trigger different Obelisk drops, and you may already have a vague sense of what these Obelisks are. But with the launch of Season Zero, the time has now come for you to learn what lies within yours.

Season Zero’s Obelisks can be burned for the chance to reveal one of two NFT types: Icons and Wayfinders.

Here’s why this matters:

Icons: Your New Wearables

Icons are seasonal cosmetic NFT sets that can be equipped by your Nood in order to represent specific characters for each and every season released in Human Park. Icon packs allow players to customize their Nood NFTs in new and exciting ways, with new and unpredictable results. But that’s not all — they will also enable you to immerse yourself in Human Park in the most engaging and open-ended ways possible.

Season Zero Icons

Season Zero marks the release of our first set of Icons — the Drifters. The following six Drifter Icons are the main characters of Season Zero:

  • The Psychic
  • The Enforcer
  • The Hustler
  • The Explorer
  • The Punk
  • The Engineer

If you’ve been paying attention, you may recognize some of these Season Zero Icons. These Icon packs represent everything that would make a Drifter who they are in Season Zero — weapons, apparel, and even accessories. For now these Drifter Icons are fixed sets, but in the future all Icon holders will be able to customize their Icon packs and attach them to their Noods as they see fit.

Like all Human Park Icon packs, Drifters are standalone NFTs, which means that their owners have full control of their value — they can trade them freely on secondary markets or hold them as season-specific collect. That being said, these Icons are not self-contained characters within Human Park and must be grafted onto a Nood in order to take effect. After all, we all have multiple personas embedded within our core identities — all of which are worth exploring.

Drifter Icon Rarities

Each Icon comes with its own properties that ensure the characters of Season Zero are completely unique. There are a possible 4,782 Season Zero Icon packs available to be claimed from Season Zero’s Obelisks. Their rarity breaks down as follows:

These are the first of many seasonal Icon packs. A separate rarity hierarchy will apply to all Icons going forward. In the future, these rarities will translate into distinct ambient or cosmetic effects across each Icon.

The rarities from highest to lowest will be:

  • Legendary
  • Prime
  • Epic
  • Superior
  • Everyday

Wayfinders: The Doors of Perception

Whereas Icons allow you to play with different facets of your core identity, Wayfinders are the overarching ‘activation devices’ of Human Park. These rare NFTs have an ever-expanding array of powers, including the ability to:

  • Activate other NFT’s within the ecosystem
  • Unlock new areas within Human Park
  • Access special events and in-game experiences
  • Boost rewards across different gameplay experiences
  • Be combined and/or burned for new and never-before seen NFTs

In short, Wayfinders are among the most powerful and versatile Artifacts you can possess within Human Park. And as the Human Park ecosystem evolves and expands, Wayfinders will become more powerful and continue to play a key role in enabling new in-game experiences.

The first batch of Wayfinders has been awarded to our early community members through Human Park’s inaugural Obelisk drop. In the future, players will be able to earn them through competitive gameplay and special seasonal events.

Season Zero: Your Time Has Come

Season Zero is just the beginning. As Human Park expands you’ll see entire worlds and in-game experiences dedicated to completely unique seasonal themes. You’re free to ask any clarification questions you have in the Human Park Discord, but let’s be clear: most of the answers you seek can only be found within Human Park itself.

With that, it’s time to go full Nood and enjoy Season Zero!