Hello Humans, Welcome to the Park

First, thank you for joining the team on this journey. As our community grows with more and more Noods shuffling in, we want to take a…

Hello Humans, Welcome to the Park

First, thank you for joining the team on this journey. As our community grows with more and more Noods shuffling in, we want to take a moment to share our intent and invite you to catch more of our vision. So sit back, strap in, and get ready — we’re about to get our soapbox on.

Enter here.

There is a big difference between intent and vision. Right now, we are inviting the world to join us in Human Park as we break down the barriers to NFT adoption and open the gates. Here in the Park is where opportunity lives and breathes.

Our intent is accessibility — enabling people around the world to have skin in the game. The Park is where you are given full agency over your experience. Our vision is centered on yours — you determine your direction through individual creativity and exploration.

Who will you be?

They say the world is your oyster but we say the Park is and in it, through it, and with it, you embark on entirely new experiences. Make no mistake — what is being built is just for you.

Consider your Nood NFT avatar as a blank canvas for your identity, as you evolve in new worlds and spaces. Discover new things and progressively express yourself as a Nood, either in the nude or not.

You’re invited.

Yes, you. We are inviting everyone to the Park by delivering free, fully customisable NFT avatars called Noods. Each Nood represents a unique individual — you.

You’ll be able to download Human Park to your desktop computer. Our goal is to give you the tools to create yourself as a Nood— bare or with tattoos.

And we won’t leave you hanging there with your tattoos exposed for too long either. Your free NFT is just the beginning. We plan to give your Nood plenty of opportunities to shop for wearables and collectibles from our marketplace, giving you more ways to creatively express and represent who you are.

Exploring in the Nood

As you explore the Park, you’ll discover there’s an endless array of experiences to be had. This is by design. No matter who you are or where you’ve come from, your interests are represented here and as we build, you’ll catch hints of what we’ve got coming.

Spaces are being crafted just for your Nood. You will find these scattered through the Park, as experiences are designed to entertain on a new level of ownership. We’ll be diving deeper to connect these spaces in the Park and beyond through interoperability with other worlds.

Working closely with influential brands and NFT friends across the industry, you can expect experiences such as walking alongside your futuristic ZED RUN digital racehorse in the outback town of 1888; or wearing your favourite athlete’s jersey as you swing a bat for a home run. Maybe your mates are on your team; maybe they’re cheering for you, rocking their tattoos. Or maybe they’re all streaking the field. You get to design and decide that together. It’s all new, and this is the Nood kind of entertainment experiment that you will own.

Get creative.

Go on. It’s time to finally embrace your badass self and become whoever you have always wanted to be. Everyone can create their own Nood during Public Access beginning on March 18th 3PM PDT, March 19th 9AM AEDT.

For more information, visit humanpark.io, join our Discord, and follow along on any of our social channels.