Human Park - It's Party Time

Human Park - It's Party Time

Hello Humans!

We have a lot of exciting new updates to drop for you and we know it’s been a lot but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Last week, we dropped a teaser that caught a lot of attention and caused much speculation about what was coming. A group of individuals were seen breaking into a museum, and as to why they were there and what they were after was left to the imagination.

The Heist

Well, this week we went ahead and revealed the whole damn thing. Those who tuned in saw a lot of easter eggs along with a full squad of enforcers pulling off a heist of all the goodies you can expect to see coming in Human Park. Watch the full trailer here.

Park Shop Now Open

Which brings us to the second combo of our drop: The Park Shop. Your place to go if you want to fully personalize your Nood avatar. If it’s been discovered in the Park, you’ll find it in the Park Shop to buy and own as part of a wardrobe of expression and customizations for your Nood.

Nood Homecoming

And we want to see you show off. So, we’re kicking off the opening with a celebratory competition: The Human Park Homecoming. Welcoming everyone into a vast array of styles, we want you to feel at home showing off your own personal look.

Headcase Collection - Limited Availability

We also have the very first of our bundles available in the Park Shop. Welcome to the Headcase Bundle! Go Jurassic with a T-Rex outfit, get Steampunk-y with our wastelander skin or show off that statuesque physique with Lady Liberty and more. Don’t delay on this, though, because this bundle is only around for a limited time.  
It’s the start of some exciting times at Human Park so buckle up my fellow Humans, and welcome! For the latest news join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.