Human Park…Probably Nothing

The thing about reality is that it’s brutally mundane. The hurtling inexorability of human existence and relentlessness of societal…

Human Park…Probably Nothing

The thing about reality is that it’s brutally mundane. The hurtling inexorability of human existence and relentlessness of societal routine is enough to fill even those with the most fulfilling lives with a foreboding sense of existential dread.

It’s little surprise then that escapist cravings often pervade all of our minds. Taking a break from our personal realities to experience something vastly beyond our norms is top of the free-time agenda for many, and the idea of the metaverse lends itself rather well to that ambition.

However, as much as it might have felt like one up to this point, this isn’t a seminar on human psychology and its intersection with the future of digital entertainment. That’s the next door on the left. We’re here to talk about Human Park…

Welcome to the Park

Human Park is an adventure of existence. The time has come, dear friend, to pack up your real world troubles, turn your back on apprehension, and leave it all at the Park gates. It’s time to build your metaverse, not theirs.

You and everyone else will help to shape and grow the Park into what we envision the metaverse is destined to become. Your interactions, your choices, and your psychology will form the core metaverse experience.

The Park is something different. No more profile pictures that inspire a barrage of ‘right click, save as’ comments. No more monopolization of shared, decentralized concepts. If you want to be part of what the metaversal future really looks like, then join us in the Park. We’ll be welcoming in the quivering, blinding dawn of the web3 virtual reality future, together.

Identity Is Everything

One of the best ways to escape reality is to do things and be someone that you couldn’t, or wouldn’t, in the real world. For better or for worse, society dictates that completing quests to recover magical items and save a town from the wrath of a vengeful winged creature is neither feasible nor acceptable. Similarly, assassinating tyrants with retractable blades stored in your sleeves is actively discouraged. In the metaverse however, you are free to do all the questing and all the assassinating you like. Ah, sweet freedom.

Identity is a notion central to Human Park. It’s time to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Got a thing for 16th century fashion? You can sport that codpiece with confidence in the Park. No protuberant judgement here. We’re offering you the chance to reset yourself and build up a new identity, or multiple identities. It’s time to reinvent yourself ahead of the mass adoption of digital spaces and the metaverse. As they say, we’re early.

We’ll Send Noods

It’s all very well us saying you can forge your own identity, but how exactly are you going to do that? Well, that’s where our Noods come in. Before you close this web page, delete your browsing history, and drown your laptop in bleach, when we say ‘Noods’ we really mean the avatars you’ll own and operate in the Park.

Our avatars are called ‘Noods’ because they enter the Park in the same manner you entered the world, fully naked. You can view these avatars as echos of your real self — yours to mold and do whatever you like with. They’re blank canvases of digital skin.

What’s Next?

You’ll be hanging out in the Park in no time. For now though, follow us on Social Media.

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