Inclusivity in Human Park

In the world of new innovations, there’s a lot that feels out of reach to most people. Maybe a game feels too complex, or you end up not…

Inclusivity in Human Park
Human Park encourages a huge library of styles and customizations for your avatars.

In the world of new innovations, there’s a lot that feels out of reach to most people. Maybe a game feels too complex, or you end up not having the right system to even play. We’ve been vocal about concerns with the development of decentralised technologies in that they have a problem with ground floor costs. No one can just casually get into them. Instead, they have to make an investment and for an industry trying to build the next widely-used technologies, which feels like a counteractive move towards their goals.

Whether it be exclusivity or gated through a high cost of entry, there’s a lot of walls thrown up around the space of emerging technologies. There’s an easy fix for that, and one that we at Human Park are surprised no one else is doing — until now.

If NFTs and Web3 technologies are meant to be the future of our digital experience, then we believe they should be available to everyone. In that spirit, Human Park is offering a free NFT for early adopters. Accessibility is important and bringing more people into the world of experiencing these technologies is going to benefit everyone.

Skin in the game

We’ve talked before about building this together. We genuinely mean that — this only gets made if we involve the community. Everyone needs to have a way to do it without a need to jump through hoops. To support this, our initial Noods are going to be free. No gas fees, no pay to play, just free. Once you get your Nood and see the customization options, we want you to dive in and explore to your heart’s content.

And if you’re new to the NFT space, don’t worry. At VHS, we’ve had a history of working with our community to educate them on the utility and purpose of aspects within our platforms. We’re dedicated to making the experience comprehensive and educational. You’ll have a chance to learn even as you explore.

Free the Noods

Once you’ve got a hold of a Nood NFT, it’s time to craft it as you like. Customization is one of our big focal points for Human Park and we want that to exist even in the early stages. Come on in, try out the tattoos, and make a Nood the shape and style you want to represent yourself in the Park. The unique styles and designs you use for your Nood will inspire and inform us on the ways you want to build.

And that’s why we want to include everyone, from all walks of life, to engage and use the opportunity to carve an identity for yourself in Human Park.