We Contain Multitudes

Do we know where we really come from? Some pieces of our identity are obvious, others not entirely so.

We Contain Multitudes

Do we know where we really come from? Some pieces of our identity are obvious, others not entirely so.

We shouldn’t change who we are because it’s what’s expected of us — we should define who we want to be and become that person, damn the consequences! After all, we contain multitudes. Embracing them all is our truest journey.

That’s why Human Park is founded on the belief that we can choose to slip into different skins as we suit up for the seasons we’re in. To that end, our early supporters were granted the ability to design and mint their own unique Nood NFT, free of charge, and step into a new world of self-expression, experimentation, and fun. And now we’re opening up the story and presenting Season Zero as the first look at the greater Human Park world.

But what does this actually mean?

Enter Human Park

Like the world we live in, our identity shifts with the seasons.

Human Park is a journey through multiple in-game seasons. Each season is built around a unique theme including:

  • New gameplay experiences
  • New playable personas (aka Icons)
  • NFT drops for “Nood Holders”
  • Special in-game rewards and events

During each season you, the player, will shape the Human Park story. If you’ve got questions about the above, you’ll get some answers soon. Human Park is built to be experienced.

In the meantime, there is one other important question to address:

The Obelisk Conundrum

On April 20, 2022, OG Nood holders received a confounding airdrop: The Obelisk.

Obelisks contain earnable NFTs found within Human Park, like the weird (and occasionally dangerous) Artifacts, that define your in-game experience. But you won’t know what your Obelisk contains until you open it.

This first series of Obelisks were airdropped to early community members — and they can be earned and discovered by winning game modes, completing treasure hunt quests, and finding bounties locked inside the game. Obelisks, like Noods, are unique NFTs that enhance your in-game experience and layer on your unique identity.

How do I Open an Obelisk?

Obelisks can be opened when players burn their Obelisk in exchange for an interactive NFT Artifact that can be used to augment their Nood. Once an Obelisk has been burned, you’ll be able to view your new NFT in your inventory on the Human Park website or in your Opensea wallet.

New Obelisks containing different Artifacts will be issued during every new season, and all Obelisks can only be activated during this “burn-2-claim” tribute. And to all you Noods still holding your Obelisks — the time to open them and reveal their secrets is almost here.

Prepare Yourself for Season Zero

Everyone of us has a core identity, an amorphous, multifaceted self that branches off in different directions at different times. As the Human Park ecosystem evolves, your Nood will become more powerful and multifaceted with every additional Obelisk they acquire. In other words, your identity in Human Park will be shaped by both luck and self-determination, though what you choose to do with yourself is entirely up to you.

Our next transmission isn’t safe to share until June 21st (12:00 AM UTC) — when Season Zero of Human Park officially kicks off. On that day your Nood better be ready for action, with an Obelisk at hand!